Calgary Landscaping Ideas For The Winter

Winter is usually considered a time to enjoy staying inside in front of a warm fire and not paying much attention to your yard. Spending time outdoors during the cold winter months can be rewarding, however, and you can take advantage of this time for a variety of tasks. Here are a few ways to use the winter months for Calgary landscaping.

Calgary Landscaping Construction

Winter is a great time to add structures to your Calgary landscaping. Excavation projects and pouring concrete footers is possible if the weather is mild, allowing construction of patio awnings, retaining walls, gazebos, and more.

Hardscape Placement

If a deep freeze makes digging impossible, then adding hardscape is a good option. Dry stacked rock walls and strategically placed boulders not only add character, depth, and interest to your Calgary landscaping, they can also provide a bit of protection from winter weather. Rocks and boulders can create a wind break and absorb heat from the sun, raising the temperature nearby as they slowly release the heat during the night.

Landscape Lighting

Adding lighting is another way to improve your Calgary landscaping during the winter months. Lights can give you a great view of the birds and other critters foraging for food. They also add to the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

Winter Barbecuing with a Calgary Landscaping Company

Hosting a winter barbecue is a real treat. A Calgary landscaping company can clear snow and ice off your deck, patio, and walkways so you can enjoy a fun feast with your family and friends.

Don’t let winter stop you from improving your landscaping. Contact a Calgary landscaping company to talk about options for adding beauty and interest to your outdoor space. Make the most of the time of year when things are generally slower outdoors to complete some landscaping projects and boost the appearance of your yard.

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