5 Major Landscaping Calgary Dont’s

The backyard can be many things for people. You have a quiet retreat, an adventurous play space for the kids, and a place for the pets to hang out. The possibilities only end with your imagination. With that said, you have a few major don’ts with landscaping services that you can’t afford to mess up.

Don’t #1: Install Invasive Species

Some plants look beautiful, but every landscaping company in Calgary will tell you how some cause more trouble than they’re worth. They might wither in some climates, which costs you more in the garden. With landscaping Calgary jobs, you have to consider the environment and avoid the exotics that won’t make it.

Don’t #2: Let the Lawn Takeover

Green lawns look phenomenal, and everyone from the dogs to the children adore playing on them. However, downsizing a lawn for gardening beds and shrubs could be a decision you never regret making. You might add attractive flowers and shrubbery to add to it. With a landscape design Calgary job, it’s most important to figure out if you will have the time to keep up with the lawn. If not, you can always downsize it with flowers.

Don’t #3: Plant the Trees Too Close to the Home

The average landscaping company in Calgary will tell you not to plant the trees too close to the home because this can lead to roof repair later. The minimum distance away should be 20 feet away, but taller trees should be 50 feet away.

Don’t #4: Let the Overgrowth stay

Landscaping services often deal with overgrowth because it detracts from the home and the beauty of the yard. You should remove them from the maintenance.

Don’t #5: Crowd the Plants

Every plant requires good air circulation for it to have the optimal health. Landscaping services from professionals can help you to identify the correct spacing.

When you hire a landscaping company in Calgary, you can avoid making some of these mistakes. However, when you choose to go in it alone, having these expert tips can keep you from making expensive mistakes.

Simply put, no job is complete until you are 100% satisfied. At Rocky Landscapes, we place value and trust in every deal we make. Contact us today and receive your consultation.



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