The Best New Calgary Landscaping Trends for The Summer of 2018

Every year, the National Association of Landscape Professionals releases a report on the trends anticipated to be coming up. This year we have seen a lot of interesting forecast trends, and we have seen what could have a big impact on landscape planning. These landscaping trends 2018 options have seen a wonderful evolution.

1. Experiential Landscape

With Calgary landscaping today, we have seen how some people have taken a thoughtful and creative approach to bring work and play together in a single environment. This type of landscape design has both functionality and quality for the best outdoor experience. This is great for multisensory and multi-use experiences. It begins at the entrance with a spectacular green lawn and plants and design elements that make it even better.

2. Climate-Cognizant Landscaping

Unpredictable weather patterns have called for landscaping enhancements. You have to be able to withstand some of the most extreme conditions and still allow for enjoyment on the cooler days. Having a pergola or a retractable canopy will protect you from the rain, wind and snow. This means the Calgary landscaping company will select hardier materials that can handle the drastic changes in temperatures.

3. Water Conservation and Management is Emphasized

Sustainability could be said to be more than a trend—it’s a smart way that the best landscaping companies in Calgary operate. A big influence has been made on how the landscapes get maintained and created, and you have a lot of eco-friendly watering practices that will hopefully continue far into 2018.

A lot of the leaf blowers and lawn mowers that we see today have low or no emissions, which is good for the environment. The industry has made a big push to have more environmentally friendly practices than ever before. The professionals have begun to take what they had before and improve it even more.

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